Expert Insights testifies in USDC in Missoula, Montana resulting in spoliation sanction and adverse inference instruction
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Recent presentation to Fennemore Craig entitled "Digital Forensics Update - Enhancing Your Ability to Win Cases"
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Expert Insights testifies in an AZ Superior Court spoliation case where Motion of Spoliation, including Default Judgement was awarded.
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For our newsletter "Review of Digital Forensics in 2012 with a view to 2013"
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Arkfeld E-Discovery Conference Presentation by Craig Reinmuth"Using and Challenging Forensic Digital Evidence"
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To view presentation entitled"Phone Forensics - Smart Phones are Pretty Smart!"
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In today's litigation environment, attorneys and their clients need to find the facts in order to get to the truth. They also need testimony that will present credible evidence in a clear and convincing manner.

Expert Insights, P.C. is an exclusive full service Litigation Support Firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has serviced law firms and corporations in: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Tucson, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, New York City, and Atlanta.

Expert Insights can assist during all stages of the litigation process including:

  • Pre-discovery planning
  • Discovery
  • Analysis
  • Testimony

The breadth of experience of its experts allows Expert Insights to provide a full range of services not commonly found in other litigation support firms including:

  • Looking beyond the numbers to get to reality
  • Assisting counsel in identifying and securing necessary discovery documents, including alternate sources
  • Recovering of computer data claimed to have been deleted, lost or destroyed
  • Preparing reports for trial that are consistently relied upon by the court in their rulings
  • Dealing with bankruptcy related issues
  • Reconstructing records that are not being provided
  • Providing all aspects of computer forensics and understandable courtroom testimony

"Utilizing a Strategic Approach to Locate Data Critical to Your Cases."



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